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A suite of third party integrations to manage this digital radiology services for veterinarians and animal owners.


System integrations that save you time and boost productivity

Vetscoring is a digital radiology service for vets and animal owner.

The founder needed a streamlined flow to process cases as fast and automatically as possible – allowing the business to process more cases each day.

The WordPress application is based on a custom coded form that sends information to Vetscoring staff through Trello and Xero.

In Trello, a card with all the customer information gets created and added to the different lists, depending on the data inputted by the client.

Simultaneously, a bit of magic happens in Xero:

  • If the user paid immediately, an invoice is created and sent as “paid” directly to the client.
  • If the user chooses to pay by invoice, an invoice is created and left as a draft for the staff to send once the case has been fulfilled.

On the email front, a pre-configured email with all case details is created in the draft folder, so that Vetscoring staff simply has to open the draft email, add the case documentation and send!


This allows Vetscoring staff to fulfil 300% more cases each day, boosting revenue and ROI.


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